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Coal testing instruments

  • Ash Fusion Tester
Ash Fusion Tester

Ash Fusion Tester

  • Model:FC-AFT-PC
  • Furnace Temperature Range: 0°C~1520°C
  • Temperature Controlling Accuracy: < 5°C
  • Sample Quantity: 3 samples each time
  • Product description: Ash Fusion Tester

Application area

Suitable for measuring ash Fusion in coal ash for industries such as electric power, coal, commodity inspection, environmental protection , metallurgy , papermaking , chemical industry, collate industry, science & research institution and inspection administration.

Technical Data

Furnace Temperature Range: 0°C~1520°C

Temperature Controlling Accuracy: < 5°C

Resolution: 1°C

Sample Quantity: 3 samples each time

Laboratory Atmosphere: Oxidability or weak reducibility

Power Supply: 220V, 50/60HZ

Maximum Power: ≤ 5KW

Cabinet Dimension: 400mm×550mm×600 mm

Weight: 65kgs

Temperature Rising Rate: 0-850°C-- 15-20°C/min; 850-900°C-- 1-15 °C

/min;  900°C-1500°C-- 5°C±1°C/min

Features Highlight

1. Temperature reading, controlling and stabilizing controlled by computer automatically. Introduce the technology of CCD photography to collect the graphic of ash cone, which will be automatically stored and printed out. One test could determine 1 - 4 samples( include one standard sample)

2. Novel heating element and heat preservation material are adopted to ensure the furnace not to be destroyed and distorted after long time working under a high temperature of 1520°C.

3. Controlling card adopt high precision reference power supply, low temperature drift and high accuracy amplifier, 4.5-bit A/D switching chip, cold-junction compensation, over-temperature protection.

4. According to the real-time graph of ash configuration changing in the heating process to determine the Fusion temperature, including deformation point (DT), softening point (ST), hemisphere temperature (HT) and floating temperature. (FT)

5. The ash graph saved in the computer can be called out at any time for further inspection and analyzing.

6. The results of ash graph could be printed out and the temperature rising curve can be displayed on the screen.

7. Introduce the advanced PCI/USB technology, complying with the latest development in Computer technology. Various instruments could integrate into a synthesized testing instrument, realizing one PC control multi-instrument.

8. Completely support Windows systems; high stability; can link electronic scale and share data in long distance through network.